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Contact Information
Contact person and telephone number: Xiu Liang 18522163616 HuiYing Liu 18622019641  Wei Wang 18222241108

R & D Specialist

Job requirements

1. Graduate degree or above, in Applied Chemistry and organic chemistry.

2. Be familiar with the laboratory environment, be able to master the basic organic synthesis experiment operation, skillfully use the experimental instruments, work seriously and steadily, have a strong sense of responsibility, have a basic laboratory safety awareness and abide by the relevant laboratory operation specifications.

Job responsibilities

1. Complete the R & D project within the agreed time according to the company's requirements;

2. Have the ability to independently engage in subject research and strong research interest;

3. Have the ability of literature retrieval, be able to design the synthesis route and solve the problems encountered in the project in time;

4. Carry out the experiment according to the project plan, and complete the experiment record and project report according to the requirements of the company.

Educational requirements

Bachelor degree or above

Number of recruits

10 people