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Contact Information
Contact person and telephone number: Xiu Liang 18522163616 HuiYing Liu 18622019641  Wei Wang 18222241108

R & D Engineer Assistant

Job requirements

1. Love chemistry, have a strong professional interest in chemical synthesis research, have a solid basic academic training background, have strong independent working ability and experimental operation ability, have good professional ethics, and be rich in the spirit of unity and cooperation.

2. The research direction is organic synthesis methodology or total synthesis, be able to correctly retrieve and read English literature, skillfully use chemical related software, and have experience in multi-step synthesis of compounds or drug molecules.

3. Bachelor degree or above

Job responsibilities

1. Master and flexibly use the mechanism and operation of oxidation, reduction, coupling, substitution, hydrogenation and other reactions.

2. Carry out the condition screening of oxidation and coupling reaction, the development of amplification process and engineering optimization.

3. Carry out the development and Application Research of purification processes such as crystallization, distillation and deionization of products.

4. Use corresponding detection equipment to track the reaction and product detection, and determine the detection method.

5. Design and synthesize the target molecule or catalyst.

6. Realize the small-scale test, pilot test and industrialization of the project.

Educational requirements

Bachelor degree or above

Number of recruits

10 people