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Contact Information
Contact person and telephone number: Xiu Liang 18522163616 HuiYing Liu 18622019641  Wei Wang 18222241108

Regional marketing manager

Job requirements

1. International Economics and trade, international economics, English, chemical engineering and other related majors.

2. Good communication skills and sense of teamwork.

3. Strong sense of responsibility and strong pressure resistance.

4. Medium intensity business trip is acceptable

5. CET-6 or above, good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Job responsibilities

1. Be responsible for formulating the specified regional sales plan, maintaining regional key customers and achieving the specified regional performance objectives.

2. Be responsible for defining regional market analysis and key new customers and key new business development.

3. Be responsible for establishing a good and long-term business relationship with customers and maintaining the company's image.

4. Be responsible for training and work arrangement for regional sales specialists, assisting and supervising the completion of work.

Educational requirements

Bachelor degree or above

Number of recruits

2 people