Shaanxi Base was invited to represent Yulin enterprises to participate in the 7th Silk Road Expo.

Time:2023-12-06 Author:

     Shaanxi Company was invited to participate in the 7th Silk Road Expo in Yulin's modern energy and chemical industry exhibition hall. After thorough preparations, Shaanxi Company formed a four-person exhibition team led by General Manager Mr. Jiao and arrived in Xi'an on time for the exhibition. At the same time, Mr. Li, Chairman of the Group, also attended the exhibition and participated in some activities.

 During the exhibition, Shaanxi Company not only showcased product features and corporate development plans to domestic and foreign exhibitors but also attended three special sessions. With the joint efforts of all exhibitors, all aspects of this exhibition and conference were successfully completed. Through this exhibition, the company fully demonstrated its strength and achieved good social effects.