Capping ceremony of warehouse beam and distribution cabinet of Shaanxi base phase I

Time:2021-11-19 Author:

At 10:58 on November 19, 2021, the capping ceremony of warehouse upper beam and distribution cabinet of phase I of Shaanxi company's flexible display and 5g monomer material project was held at the construction site of Shaanxi company.

In the early winter of Northern Shaanxi, the cold is getting stronger, but the construction site of Shaanxi company is a scene of great enthusiasm. The main works of eight warehouse units in phase I of Shaanxi company undertaken by China Second Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. are about to be completed, and the construction works of main supporting units in the plant area will also be completed. At this important commemorative moment, Shaanxi company held a grand celebration ceremony.

Members attending the ceremony include all employees of Shaanxi company, all participants of China Second Metallurgical Corporation, all participants of Shanxi Xiecheng and some participants of Shaanxi zhishuo.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mao Shaowen, the project leader of MCC, delivered a speech. President Mao reviewed the progress made by MCC II since it undertook the project construction of Shaanxi company. With everyone's support and cooperation, MCC completed the construction tasks of phase I warehouse main works and main supporting monomer construction projects in the plant as scheduled. In the follow-up, MCC will continue to do a good job in various project construction.

Subsequently, Wang zujin, vice president of production of Shaanxi company, made an important speech. President Wang summarized the phased achievements of the phase I project construction project of Shaanxi company, and fully affirmed the performance of MCC II in the project construction. President Wang said that MCC has fully implemented the slogan of "no slack, no delay" and paid attention to safety, quality, time and progress, reflecting excellent management level and strong construction ability. At the same time, President Wang fully recognized the professional ethics and practical work of the construction participants of the supervision unit, and paid tribute to the silent persistence and hard work of all employees of Shaanxi company.

Finally, President Wang stressed that the construction will continue and more tough battles are still waiting for us! It is hoped that all participants will further strengthen safety management measures, strictly control quality, effectively promote project progress, and work together to build Shaanxi taihelihua Industry Co., Ltd. into a world-class factory!

10: 58. After President Wang's "ceremony start" command was issued, with the crackling sound of firecrackers, the giant mechanical arm grabbed the last "beam column" and placed it firmly at the "Longkou", and the ceremony was successfully completed.