Jilin base team hiking and mountaineering activities in Dongshan

Time:2021-12-02 Author:

On December 2, 2021, a special and magical day, the staff mountaineering activity carefully organized by the human administration department of Jilin company was successfully held.

In order to achieve the expected goal, all personnel were divided into two groups and set out to the top of the mountain. All small partners helped each other and did not give up or abandon. In the end, all employees achieved the intended purpose, and no one left behind.

Through this activity, the cohesion of the team has been greatly improved. Work is like climbing a mountain. We will always encounter difficulties. We are not afraid of any difficulties. When we fall, we will get up and move on. The team should have the courage to fight heaven and earth. There are no difficulties that can not be solved and tasks that can not be completed.