Shaanxi Base is invited to participate in the 17th Yulin International Coal Expo.

Time:2023-04-28 Author:

     From April 7th to April 9th, 2023, Shaanxi Base was invited to participate in the three-day 17th Yulin International Coal Expo, which was a complete success.

 Several leaders, including the Secretary of the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee and the Mayor, visited our exhibition area, provided guidance, and highly praised and affirmed our products and the future development prospects of the company. This brought great honor and encouragement to the company and strengthened our confidence to make more innovations and technological breakthroughs.

 Through this exhibition, we fully demonstrated the strength and style of the company, achieved results, and gained valuable experiences, establishing a positive corporate image.

 In the future, we will continue to work hard, innovate, and strive for excellence, laying a solid foundation for the future development of the group!