The 1st Chinatech Cup Sports Competition

Time:2023-06-08 Author:

    This sports competition has ignited everyone's potential in a joyful atmosphere, revealing hidden talents and skills that others may not have known about. It allowed everyone to truly experience the power of teamwork, challenging their own limits with every cheer!

 Apart from work, each person has their own unique side, often hidden in their daily lives, unnoticed by colleagues. However, within a collective, we hope that everyone can truly become part of a big family, where each person cares for one another and works toward a common goal. Trusting each other gives us the confidence to address issues openly!

 We believe that through this sports competition, everyone has gained new insights into their colleagues through cooperation and competition. In future work and life, we hope for better harmony and synergy among us!

 Finally, we express gratitude to all the staff and referees, and we appreciate everyone's active participation and cooperation! The 1st Chinatech Cup Springfield Sports Competition was a great success, and we'll see you again next year